About Us
We at 6 months payday loans serve you as a link between you and lender that can lend you funds for your urgent needs. Here with the lenders you can get instant cash aid that you require to meet your unwanted or unanticipated expenses.

People with bad credit scores can get approval here as other people are getting from other lending companies, there loan application will not be considered on the basis what they have done in their past, here all loan applications are considered on the thing your present situation. You can get funds upto £1500 for a small time period, depending upon your repayment capacity.

As the rate of interest charged on these loans are slightly higher thus if are not repaid on time then can create a great mess and can lead you into various troubles of fines and penalties. All other things under this loan are just at your own comfort. Anytime you can apply for the loan and can get instant approval within few hours of applying.